Why do I need the GP-Grip Jeep Wrangler grab handle/ grab bar?

Grab and get up your Jeep Wrangler JL/ JK/ Jeep-type ATV sooner,  rest your arm while driving, stabilize you when the doors are off,  grab handle is an essential part of the Jeep. But there is more to the GPCA® GP-Grip for Jeep enthusiasts like you.

  1. Sturdy grip for both on/ off road, no more swinging back-and-forth
  2. Safe, not just safe, it’s lifesaving in an emergency
  3. Foldable when getting in/ out, check tire placement or when a full window view is needed
  4. Versatile with inner pocket and utility pouch for whatever you need

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GPCA GP-Grip owner’s manual/ user manual

There are many handles for cheap, should I research more?

Yes, always research before you buy to fit your need. What is the best Jeep Wrangler grab handle? Only 3 main types of grab handles are on the market now.

  1. Plastic grab handles on window roll bar
    They are there for years, on cheap bags and every other Jeep, wiggly, head bumping and dated looking
    Jeep grab handles wiggle issue
  2. Metal grab bars on A-pillar
    Great for getting in the Jeep, blocking part of the window, too far to reach to rest your arm when driving
  3. Paracord handles on window roll bar
    Great for personalization, it’s still a cord, thin, wiggly and too soft to hold

The authentic patent-pending GP-Grip (by GPCA®) is the ONLY ONE that is foldable, maintaining full window view, solid no swinging back-and-forth, and pack with versatile life-saving features.

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Is it easy to install? How is the fitting for JK and more?

Yes! 3 simple steps to install: (illustrated instruction is also in the package.)

  1. Put the GP-GRIP PRO on top of the roll bar with the secret pocket side down, arrow pointing back.
  2. Wrap the straps through the handle, and guide the straps through the back loops of the outer tool pouch, and press the Velcro area on the top. Always mount the utility pouch on the inside of the roll bar.
  3. Now fold the handle up FIRST and then pull and adjust the straps to fit tightly. After the adjustment, firmly press the Velcro area on the top. DONE!

You can tighten the straps accordingly for the first time. To maintain the flip-away tightness, you might need to tighten it a bit more after a few weeks of the first time installation.
The GP-Grip strap has 2 functionalities on it. First, it straps to the rollbar, second, it should be tightened to hold the foldable handle in 2 different positions. Please remove the freedom top, so that you can have full access to the rollbar, you can then pull the strap fully when the handle is in folding position and Velcro them. It’s also recommended to tighten the straps after 1-2 weeks after the first installation because it helps the fabric to really adjust to the roll bar and keep things nice and tight.

JK/ JKU/ JL/ JLU from 2007-present models has 3″ window roll bar including padding,  it will perfectly fit the GP-Grip.

* TJ window roll bar tubing is around 2.25″, if with the padding brings it around 2.75″, you can adjust the straps tighter to fit, when necessary, fold the wrap edge a bit near the top of the aluminum handle to allow strap tuck in more. Watch it here
* YJ window roll bar diameter is smaller, only 1.9″ diameter with the padding, so it wouldn’t fit. But the rear roll cage tubing is bigger, around 2.75″ with the padding, so YJ owner can get the GP-Grip for the rear passengers or add extra padding to fit the GP-Grip to the window roll bar for the driver.
* If you also have a Jeep-type ATV, check your roll bar size, it will fit around 2.5″-3″ padded roll bar. If your roll bar is thin, get extra padding and makeup to 3″ diameter to best fit the GP-Grip.
See the gallery >

How well will the GP-Grip fit my hand? I have large hands.

It’s designed to fit all hands comfortably.
The average adult palm width is from Small (3.5inch) to XL (4inch), the GP-Grip metal handle size is 4.5 inch, added 1/2 inch wider than the 4inch XL size.
The padding wrap for the GP-Grip PRO is 4.2 inches wide, 1.2 inch in diameter.

Will the GP-Grip fit the roll bar on both driver and passenger sides? or even the rear passenger side?

Yes! The design is universal, fits both driver and passenger sides, but the installations are slightly different.
Please always mount the arrow-end towards the back and the outer pouch inside. Note that on the passenger side, the outer pouch opening points  to the front like the top one in this image and the video:

GP-Grip Jeep Grab Handles driver passenger

For the rear passengers, you can also mount them after the top speakers. For the JK soft top, you can mount the GP-Grip behind the knob. with the flip-away feature, you will never bump your head when getting in and out and they are closer to your shoulder behind the speakers, more convenient. Get 4 or more as a set! They also fit for the cargo roll bar size as well. * It won’t fit under JL soft top for the rear passengers.

GP-Grip grab Jeep handle rear window bar

Jeep Wrangler 2017 grab handle GP-Grip Pro passenger

As for the orientation for the utility pouch on the rear right passenger side, since it’s open-sided on both ends, you can still maintain the GPCA orientation, point the Velcro opening to the front, and insert the window breaker pen from the rear side openings. From our test, if you slide in and clip the pen on the bottom side, it’s still easy to access and slide it out while moving the rear-end loop up a bit.

We have the GP-Back-Grip so they can grab them behind the headrest.

Jeep Wrangler GP-Back-Grip headrest pull handle

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What are the differences among the GP-Grip packages?

The Our grab handle line includes Pro, Pro Survivor, Back-Grip.
The GP-Grip Pro single-pack includes one handle Base with built-in inner pockets and an aluminum handle plus an easy-access tool pocket and a Cushioned Handle wraps.
The GP-Grip Pro Survivor includes a window breaker pen on top of the GP-Grip PRO package.
The GP-Back-Grip includes a pair of grab handles for the headrest.

GPCA Jeep-wrangler GP-GRIP comparison

Any color options to match the handle to my Jeep?

The GP-Grip is all black on the wrap and straps to keep it consistent with the Jeep roll bar padding black. The metal handle is metallic gray aluminum that works with the wrap and all the factory color well.
We now provide GP-Grip metal handles in different colors as a GP-Grip upgrade to match your Jeep, purchase the GP-Grip with the color upgrade. SHOP HERE.
Check out the installation here.

Can I mount other tools or a different pouch to the GP-Grip so I can access them anytime?

Yes. The GP-Grip PRO and Survivor model comes with a utility pouch that is reversible to a Molle strap system, now you can mount any 3rd party pouch and tools storage on top on it.

I have a Sunshade mounted on the rollbar, will the GP-Grip fit with it?

Yes. If space is limited, the GP-Grip bandana end is foldable, you can fold it inside make the length to 6″,  and make room for anything else. Or you can wrap your sunshade straps after mounting the GP-Grip.

GPCA Jeep Wrangler Grab handle GP-Grip sunshade space

My JL soft top has a part over the rollbar, will the GP-Grip still fit?

Yes. You can run the straps through the part without taking it off and install the GP-Grip. But it won’t fit for the rear passenger, only for the front under the JL soft top.

gp-grip Jeep grab handle JL soft top

How soon can I get the GP-Grip? How about international order outside of USA?

The GP-Grip is just launched and shipping now from GPCA® Products in the San Francisco Bay Area. Most orders ship within 1 business day. 
For international order, you can visit our eBay storefront and buy it from there, ship out within 2-3 business days.

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Is there a set of handles for my rear passengers?

Yes. We have the GP-Back-Grip for the rear passengers. It fits Jeep JL, JK, Toyota FJ Cruiser and more.

Jeep Wrangler GP-Back-Grip headrest pull handle

Is the GP-Grip with GPCA®? What is GPCA Products?

The GP-Grip ( is part of the GPCA product line ( We are a California-based product company building original design for all Jeep enthusiasts. GPCA stands for “General-Purpose Califonia”. You may have known that “Jeep” is a phonetic pronunciation of the abbreviation GP, from “General-Purpose”, that was used as part of the official Army nomenclature in WWII.

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