GPCA Cargo Cover Installations

For JL 4DR Owners

Step 1: Remove the 6 Torx screws which are holding down the Jeep hard top.
Step 2: Insert the included 6 Tie-down D-rings under the washer and the bolt, fasten the screws. or use the GPCA Quick Release to replace the factory screws.
Step 3: Mount the cover:

a. Mount the middle row straps FIRST and align the rollbar base openings to the rollbar base (not the rollbar itself)
b. Mount the angled straps next to the back seat gently. Over tighten the 2 straps can cause misalignment from too much pulling. * Soft top owner needs to demount the top pillar to install a pair of D-ring,
c. Mount the straps near the tailgate gently. Please balance the cover and DO NOT pull too hard. Make sure the side end panels are resting on top of the plastic base instead of under it. *With a soft top, when it collapses it takes over some cargo space under the tub edge. Before you fold the top, the nearest 2 end-straps need to be adjusted to provide the space needed for the folded soft top. The cargo space is still covered when the soft top is down.

Download GPCA JL 4DR Cargo Cover Owner’s Manual PRO / LITE (PDF)
Additional steps are required for JL soft top owner (PDF)

For JK Owners

Have your Jeep Wrangler JK 4DR/ 2DR and the GPCA cargo cover LITE or PRO ready.
If you have a soft top, you also need to order the GPCA Quick Release Anchor Bolt.

  • Step 1: Remove the 6 T40 Torx screws which are securing the rear hard top. ( If you only have the soft top, you will also need these 6 bolts to hold down the 6 Tie-downs we included. )
  • Step 2: Insert the included Tie-downs between the washer and the bolt, fasten the screws back tight.
  • Step 3: Snap the 6 clips on with the logo side up. Run the straps through the slots (PRO)
  • Step 4: Adjust the 6 straps like below to your desired tightness with care.
  • Step 5: Please watch our video/ manual to explore multiple configurations for 4DR/ 2DR.
  • Step +: Buy the Quick Release to make JK installation/ removal even easier!

Download GPCA Jeep Wrangler JKU/ JK Cargo Cover USER MANUAL (PDF): 4DR / 2DR

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