GPCA product review

GPCA Cargo Cover LITE and PRO

Really glad I saw this. My JKU was broken into a few months back (hardtop was on, they smashed two windows and took my work bag). I’ve been looking for something that will work just to keep prying eyes out of my cargo area.

Great item!!!!! I am so happy to have something so simple but so helpful to keep items in the back of my JKU secure.

Easy to install. Just as described. Will recommend.

100% satisfied. Would recommend.

The reason I really like about this is that when we are going out to the Beach or something like that, we got the dogs into the trunk I can undo just this half and then fold down flat and have some stuff in there.

Thank you for such great care and customer service. I received my GPCA Jeep Wrangler Trunk Cargo Cover and immediately installed it in my wife’s 2015 JKU. She had used the factory cover in her previous Jeep Liberty and was extremely excited to have a cargo cover added to her JKU.

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Highly recommended. This is by far the coolest grab handle and most functional one that I’ve ever been around and I’m pretty pumped about it.

I like that it’s not only a good product but a functional one that I can practically put to use. It’s nice to see quality parts out there like this.

These are pretty creative grab handles for our Jeeps!  Really cool and unique design.

I love the feel of it. It feels solid. The other ones I had just flop around like crazy, it broke on my passenger one. These ones I really trust, I can put my body weight on it. Getting in and out, super easy. Love the product!

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GP 1945 Bolt Action Plus Pen

Incredibly Impressive! -Gizmodo

A lot of thoughts went into this design, the Titanium version is super doper premium!

Really well designed, it feels good in the hand, got a good barrel diameter.

Mind-blowing product that combining every design elements, truly the last pen you would ever need!

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GPCA Quick Release PRO

Duo-task! actually big enough you can use them for tie-down anchor points which is something I didn’t have before.

Fit perfectly and provide fast on/off with the twist of the wrist. The added ability to use as tie-down is a bonus. Perfect product.

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GP-Clip Keychain/ Money Clip

I have been searching for this kind of money clip. I was happy to find out it was also a belt clip for keys. Very satisfied with this product. Will buy again for me and my brother.

Since it is summer, shorts are in order and usually do not have pockets. With this, you don’t have to worry. Clip it and keep moving.

Love the seven slots and the material is great, strong, and does exactly what it says it will do.

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