Stinger BIC Lighter Aluminum Case


  • Designed in the USA, the BIC Aluminum Lighter Case is not only a case but also a car emergency escape tool and a fidget spinner.
  • BREAK AND ESCAPE: The glass breaker is made of Hardened Carbon Steel for quickly breaking a car-door window. It helps to prevent automotive entrapment. It is compact, lightweight, proven to work, easy to fit in the glove box or door pocket. It is designed to help escape from a sinking, over-turned, crashed, or burning car.
  • BUILD-IN FIDGET SPINNER CAP: The smooth turning bearing allows you to spin the end cap to give you a soothing feeling when you have nothing else to do! It helps to relieve the stress or reduce the anxiety. It is perfect for everyday carry due to its multi-functional usability.
  • This case is suited for BIC full size lighter (Bic maxi size lighter, Bic classic lighter, Bic regular size lighter, Bic type J6 size lighter).

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