Utility Pouch + Wrap for GP-Grip


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  1. 1x Utility Pouch(2 types to choose from) and 1x Handle Padding add-on for your GP-Grip PRO/ LITE
  2. Multiple tools storage for a flashlight, pen, tool or EDC item (1.5″ diameter)
  3. REVERSIBLE. Mount the flip side to utilize the mounts as MOLLE straps
  4. Nice and Firm Grip with handle padding wrap
  5. If you have the GP-Grip PRO with the pouch already, adding a 2nd pouch is great for mounting on the outside of the roll bar, so you can store more good stuff!

*Additional items (belt and tools) on the images are not included, only for reference.




Boost Your Grip

The GPCA Utility Pouch is designed as simple storage for your tools and EDC items, also a great ADD-ON for your GP-Grip PRO & LITE. It’s reversible to use the back loop as a MOLLE system to attach more gears to it. The top strap has a 1.5 inch loop for your belt, so it is a multiple tools storage for flashlight, pen, tool or EDC item.

The Handle Padding Wrap provides a firm but comfortable grip for your GP-Grip Aluminum/ Fiber-reinforced Nylon handle. 

GPCA gp grip handle padding wrap

GPCA gp gripuniversal handle padding wrap

GPCA gp grip utility pouch EDC handle



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Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 2 × 1 in

1 side open, 2 side open

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